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Below we give a first impression of our menu.

This will regularly adjust according to the seasons and supply of products.

The restaurant will also often serve suggestions from the chef that cannot be found online.


Cucumber Gazpacho 5

Homa-made Shrimp Croquettes (6) 21

Home-made Old cheese Croquettes (6) 16

Kathaifi Prawns (4) 18

Lacquered Pork Belly 19

Plate of 100% Cebo de Iberico 19


Tuna Tataki 23

Vitello Tonato 21

Salmon Graved-Lax 23

Beef Carpaccio 21


Tiger Prawn XO-sauce 23

Langoustines Lasagne 23

Lam Steamed Buns 18

Main dishes

Steak Black Angus (pepper/béarnaise) 29

Vol au Vent of Chicken 26

Rack of Lamb 37


Catch of the Day 32

Confit Cod with Vichysoisse 35

Soles 3pcs 39


Smokey Caesar Salad  22

Tomato Burrata Salade 22

Grilled Goat Cheese Salade 22


Vegi Pasta Mascarpone Taruffa 25


Home-made Cheese Croquettes 3pcs 23 

Home-made Shrimp Croquettes 3pcs 32

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